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Charmane and Samantha Have A Sexy Playdate


Charmane is bored! She’s been cooped up in her playpen all day and is sick of playing with toys. She would much rather play with Samantha! Samantha arrives home and lets Charmane out of her playpen and these nasty bitches move to the bed and proceed to lick each others tits and finger and suck on those wet, pink pussies. Soon fingers aren’t enough for these hungry snatches, so Samantha busts out the dildo and they slide this silver toy in and out of each other. You can tell they are really enjoying their playtime as they cum and lick each other, and the dildo, clean! Oh, but that’s not enough for Charmane to stay free. As soon they are done Samantha places her back in her playpen until the next playtime…